Children are a blessing from the Lord. With these blessings also come responsibilities. As stewards of God’s children, parents are responsible for helping children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Churches have a responsibility toward children, too. We want to provide an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age-appropriate level, and Obedience leads to long life. Exodus 20:12 encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We minister to the spiritual needs of our children through a children’s ministry program. The need for this program is evident in that many young people reach adulthood and decide not to follow Christ. They had not been prepared to accept him as their Savior. One reason for this is that some churches do not have an effective ministry to children — do not have a program to help them receive Jesus into their lives.

If we are to have a healthy future, it is essential that we have a viable children’s ministry.


Children Parents Relationship In The Fear Of God

Text: Ephesian 6:1—4

Ephesians 6:1 says ‘ Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right’.

Who are the people you need to obey?

Your biological parents

The spiritual fathers like the pastors

Your teachers ,Head teacher and elderly people around you

Rewards of obedience

Obedience leads to long life. Exodus 20:12

Your own children will also obey and listen to you when you become parent

However , if it happens that your parents are not Christians ,let your love for God keep you from disobeying them

Appreciate your parents with gifts no matter how little it may be

In obeying your parents , always be careful not to disobey God.

Celebrate and respect your parents at all times.

May God bless you richly as you obey and respect your parents.

Food For thought

1 Negatively or Positively, the most profound impact in any child’s life is that of the example of a dad and a mother.

2 Lacking the maturity that you have as an adult, your child can’t handle some things that you can. That’s why you need to put some things aside or give them up—a minor sacrifice for your child.

3 Each of you as a parent is the answer to that question, ‘’ what kind of children are we going to have in another generation?’’ Your life style becomes the answer.

4 Help your children understand that it’s OK to be different, to say no, to resist pressure, to conform.

5 Without realizing it, many parents teach their children to lie and actually encourage them in the practice.

6 Children can learn to be dishonest out of fear for the consequences of their actions or by following the example of others. Make sure you model the message of absolute honesty that you want your child to embrace.

7 We’ve got to learn how to manage our anger and frustration without taking our emotion on our children.

8 There is a limit to what you can handle. When you feel that you are being pushed to the boiling          point, you need to get help lest your children become victims.

9 Not only parenting a matter of balance, but so is life itself.

10 Parenting is an ongoing process of balancing expectations with reality.


Samuel was probably not more than three years old when the time came to take him up to the temple as promised. That could not have been easy for any mother, particularly one who was parting with her only child. Hannah resolutely gave God the son that was always His.

Have we, who have been blessed by God with children given them back to Him? Do we allow our children go for children church activities? Do we leave our children behind when coming to church? When serious prayers and programmes are going on in the church, do we come to church all alone leaving our children at home?

The sacrificial giving of Hannah was not easy, but was in character with the kind of godly woman she was. Note, Elkanah have confidence in his wife, Hannah. Elkanah did not find it hard to agree and support Hannah’s decision.

God Uses Children As Well

God has a pattern to choose whosoever he desires to advance his plans and purposes on this earth including children.

. God used young Samuel to send an important message to Eli at a critical time in Israel’s history(1st Samuel 3verse 10- 18).

. God used young David to deal with expansionist pride of the Philistines when he miraculously killed their famed champion, Goliath.

. God used the young Jeremiah to a message to a backsliden Israel (Jeremiah 1 verse 4—10).

. God used the young captive maid from Israel in Naaman’s house to bring the message of hope and healing to Syria (2nd Kings 5 ;1—3 ).

. God used an eight years old Josiah as the leader of Israel at a point.( 2nd Kings 22 verse 1—7 ).

Well trained, disciplined and disciple children God can use them for great things .please think right about children. Think the way God thinks about them (Matthew 18verse 3—4 ).

Training Up A Child

Proverbs 22 vs 6 says ” Train up a child in the way he should go , when he is old he will not depart from it”. Psalm 125 says “Those who trust the lord are like mount Zion, who cannot be moved , but abides forever”.

As parents, the bible says we should train our children in the fear of God, but we need to trust in the Lord for his wisdom.

“God Uses Children As Well”

God has a pattern to choose whoever He desires to advance His plans and purposes on this earth including the children.

God used young Samuel to send an important message to Eli at a critical time in Israel ‘s history.

Jesus has time for Children

Jesus had time for the children, gently leading them to his father in heaven . Jesus did not disregard the presence of children in his outings , instead he recognized and made them part of his life and teachings. – Matthew 18 verse 1—6, Mark 10 verse 13 — 15. Therefore , church leaders, parents must love and teach their children in the way of the lord.


One night while Samuel was sleeping in the temple, he heard a voice calling his name. Samuel thought it was Eli that called him, so he ran to him and asked if he was call by Eli , but Eli did not call him, so Samuel went back to bed.

But the voice called the second time ‘Samuel! Samuel!’, once more Samuel ran to Eli .And again Eli said, ‘I did not call you ,go back to bed .’Then Samuel heard the voice the third time and again he went to Eli . Now, Eli realized it was not just something Samuel was dreaming. Eli said , I think God is speaking to you.The next time you hear the voice, say, speak lord, later, Samuel heard the voice and said speak I am your servant.I am ready to listen. From that night on, God peaks to little Samuel.He became a prophet while he was still just a boy.


(1ST SAMUEL 1VERSE 24— 28; 2 VERSE 18 —26)

Hanna, the mother of Samuel was a wise mother more than a mother, she was a life moulder. She knew and understood the eternal principle of ‘ Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old , he will not depart from it’ ( proverbs 22 verse 6 ). She therefore loaned her son, Samuel to the Lord. She planted him in the house of the Lord for him to flourish in the courts of our God , for him to keep bearing Godly fruits in old age ( psalm 92 verse 13—14 ). Once Hannah did that , the immediate reward was that the child Samuel grew before the Lord (v 21). Later, he grew on and he was in favour with God and man ( v 26 .)

Great leaders do not suddenly emerge , there is a conscious deliberate planting and preparation for leadership. It can be said that God used Hannah to give Israel a great leader in Samuel .

Parents, what are you doing about tomorrow’s leadership, May the Lord help our parents to train us for a greater future,( Amen).

Train Up A Josiah In The Way He Should Go– 2nd Kings 22 verse 1-7.

The scriptural introduction of Josiah keeps one wondering how it happened that an eight year old became the king and leader 0f a great nation at that tender age .He must have been trained up on this way and never departed from it (proverb 22 verse 6).

In child upbringing, it is good to make hay while the sun shine.what if Josiah had not known the Lord before the sudden death of his dad? What if he was a spoiled child? What if people around him were waiting until he was thirty before they started training him? Training up a child should not be postponed or taken for granted.

If children are not trained by parents and the church, prevailing societal culture will do that. Beliah as was the case of the sons of Eli can do that.

Note that what a person in terms of personality becomes in life can be formed in him or her during the formative stage.