Sunday Service 6-12-2015: Our Faithful God

Sermon Excerpts:
Sermon: Our Faithful God
Date: 6-12-2015
Some attributes of God:
-He has great wisdom and knowledge. we cannot fully understand the ways of God due to his infinite and our minute wisdom,
-He is Sovereign, He rules over his entire creation.
-He is Holy
-He is Love
-He is Omnipotent
-He is compassionate and merciful
-He is gracious
-He is faithful
The of the message will be on his faithfulness
What is faithfulness?
Synonyms for faithfulness are Trustworthy, dependable, consistent, firm. These are the attributes of God, and are in contrast to humans who are consistently inconsistent.
Faithfulness is what distinguishes God from man.
Our definition of Faithfulness states, 100% trustworthy, 100% faithful, 100%consistent 100% of the time. This personifies God.
God is the very definition of Faithfulness
No man, on earth is Faithful 100% of the time. none but God, No man is capable of saying the truth all the time. All men lie
How is God Faithful?
1. God is faithful in his promises 2 Corinth 1:20
2. Gen 13:14-17, 2 Timothy 2:13
3: God is faithful in his protection 1 Peter 4:19
4: God is faithful in his mercy Lam 3:22-23
5: God is faithful in his forgiveness 1 John 1:9
6: God is faithful in his Chastises Psalms 119:1
Lessons Learnt
Lesson 1:
Since God is 100% faithful 100% of the time, we would be foolish not to put our trust in him. to do otherwise is foolishness.This complete faith trust and hope in God must lead to obedience and reliance in God.
Lesson 2:
The faithfulness of God compels us as followers of God, to be faithful. we as ambassadors of Christ should cultivate the attitude of faithfulness to both God and the people around us.


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