Our Father

Topic: Our Father
Note: Familiarity brings great contempt.
The lords prayer is not a formula but it has a lot to teach us as to architecture.
-There are two dimensions to prayer. the first is vertical, to God, while the second is horizontal, i.e to man
-Always talk to God about the past, present, future.
-There is no room for self centered prayers.
-Our prayers must start with God and end with God.
-The morality of the language of prayer is always plural. when we pray, we must intercede for others inclusive of non Christians.
– You must pray to align yourself with the plans and purpose of God.
1. we should learn to make our prayers  God centered, and less self centered, selfish and we should always intercede for others in our prayers.
2. When we pray, let us know that we are approaching a loving father
3. He gives us a sense of confidence.
4. You must never forget that he is our father who art in heaven. you must respect him for he is divine and we are human.
5.We must pray in reverence.

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