Benefits Of Gods Faithfulness

In continuation of the message started last week by our father in the Lord under the theme titled: GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. The Holy Spirit is putting a question before us this morning – ARE YOU UNFAITHFUL TO GOD’S FAITHFULNESS? To be faithful means to be loyal, consistent, or steadfast in whatever one is doing. A faithful person is uncompromising in what he believes. The bible records about Joseph, the husband of Mary who was faithful to the law of his God (Matt. 1:19), which made it difficult to separate from Mary.

Faithfulness is derived from the word faith. Faith is a result of believing something. A man will be faithful to what he believes or put his faith in. Many things can be done according to our faith (Matt. 9:29), while one can also miss many miracle for lack of faith (Matt. 13:58). Our Lord Jesus requires faithfulness from us (Matt. 23:23). He praises and rewards only the faithful servant.

What are the benefits of God’s Faithfulness vv 1-2

I. God’s faithfulness makes Jew a real Jews. A Jew is the one who is inwardly Jew (Romans 2:28). The faithfulness of God made God to be patience with them until they were inwardly converted. There is no way we will mention Jews without tracing their genealogy to Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

Faithfulness of God called Abraham from darkness to the light. He was called to leave his father’s house, a place of idol worshiping into the worshiping of Yahweh. It was the faithfulness of God that brought you also to where you are today, a Christian community, if you are one. When all hope was lost for Abraham and Sarah, God faithfulness brought to fulfilment the promised son. All that you are and acquire today are by the faithfulness of God in your life.

Faithfulness of God singled out Jacob for a special purpose. He was never a good man but the same faithfulness changed the dynamics of his life. His name was changed to Israel as well as his destiny. He obtained a spiritual victory. It is the faithfulness of God that we also obtain our spiritual victory today. When enemy wanted to exterminated the Jews so as to prevent messiah from coming as the saviour of the world, it was the faithfulness of God that turned the table around and they were delivered. Salvation came through the Jews and we are now the partaker of it.

II. God’s faithfulness makes a circumcision a circumcision of the heart by the spirit (Romans 2:29). The physical circumcision was the one given by God to the descendant of Abraham in order to distinguish them from the earthen. It is sign which marked them out as a special people unto the Lord. So also if you have received Jesus, you become a special and holy and royal priesthood. That is in Jeremiah 4:4 the Lord warned the people of Judah and inhabitant of Jerusalem to circumcise their hearts so that the wrath of God that is coming upon other unbelieving nations will not come upon them. Come up. In chapter 9 vs 25 of the same book, the lord went further to warned them that this issue of circumcision should not be that of the flesh only but must be the circumcision of the heats. If it remains on the flesh only it will not achieved the purpose for which it was given. Though it was done on the outward, it was not intended to be limited to the physical exercise or outward appearance – it must bring out a new person in them.

III. The faithfulness of God entrusts them with the Word. The word of God is the most important thing among all that they received under the faithfulness of God. The word of God is living, powerful, and shaper than any two edged swords. Jeremiah warned that it must not be rejected otherwise they will not have a correct wisdom (Jeremiah 8:9). The prophet also told us what to do with the word so that it will achieve its purpose. When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty (Jer. 15:16).

The very essence of receiving all these, which Bro Paul called “much” was that – A Jews are a guide for the blind, a light for those in darkness, an instructor of the foolish because they have in the law the embodiment of knowledge and truth. The same thing is applicable to us, we have the advantages to be what God want us to be – we are saved by grace, we are given the word of grace, we have the infilling of the spirit. Much more in every way! Bro Peter in 2Pet. 1:2-4 emphasized that these abundant blessings through Jesus our Lord were received so that we can participate in the divine nature of God.

Despite all these, Bro Paul then asked “What if some are unfaithful?” Vv 3-4 but he quickly answered – Despite the failure of God’s people to maintain the obligations associated with God’s covenants with them, God was committed to being faithful to His promises and he will continue to be faithful. In order to justify their unfaithfulness, instead of coming to God in repentance they began to argue with him, as some of us are still doing today.

Arguments against God’s Faithfulness vv 5-8

1. God is unjust in bringing judgement because he claimed to be faithful. In other word, they said ” “our breaking faith with God is good, our sins serve a good purpose, for people will notice how good God is when they see how bad we are.”

2. If my falsehood enhances God’s faithfulness and so increases his glory, why am I still condemned as a sinner? That is to say God will never condemn any one even as a sinner

3. Why can’t we say – “Let us do evil that good may result?” In other word, this is their conclusion – “the worse we are, the better God likes it!”

All these are false notions about the faithfulness of God and must be rejected. Faithfulness of God bring many blessings to us even while we were yet sinners, but we are to reciprocate by turning from our sins in obedience to His word given to us which can lead to godliness, righteous and holy living, which were the essence of God being faithful to us. But if we refuse, we must not also forget that God’s faithfulness reserve judgement for all unrepentant sinners. What if some were unfaithful? Bro Paul also answered in 2 Timothy 2:13 – if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself. There is NO condemnation for ONLY those who are faithful IN CHRIST JESUS but not otherwise (Romans 8:1). Thus, if I asked myself: “What if I am unfaithful to God’s faithfulness?” The answer will be: My condemnation is just!

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